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We help our clients build their Dream.

Reach out to us and our designers will meet you at the latest to kick start building your dream space. Our design team will create a 3D render of your idea after the initial discussion and budgeting to help you choose. 

Architecture Design

The Design division of ADIZ Design Studio develops concepts & details that blend elements of durable architecture with all the amenities for modern living. We ensure these designs are implemented perfectly, within the constraints of your time and budgets, to create homes and work spaces that translate your visions into reality both functionally and aesthetically.

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Interior Design

ADIZ Design Studio specializes in interior design and decor  for residential and commercial projects, creating  spaces reflecting the client’s  personality and aspirations, truly imprinting his insignia. Through affordable design solutions and inspired visions we  excel in  building Corporate Offices, boutiques, retail outlets, Hotels, Resorts, Malls, Institutions, Recreation Centers, Medical Super Stores, Party Halls and Auditoriums, as well as Flats, Villas and Independent Residential Properties. Projects spanning across Kerala, bear testimony to our caliber and diversity in design and implementation.

Landscape Design

Much like architectural drawings are to the home building process, a landscape design is important to the overall look and feel of the exterior of your most valuable asset, your home. In addition to gathering personal preferences from you, our experienced and professional landscape architects and designers will take into consideration other important factors such as; architectural controls, elevations, space planning, drainage, easement locations, property boundaries and traffic patterns.

The data is entered in our computer system and when complete, we will deliver to you a drawing created by our experienced and talented landscape architects that is specifically designed for you and your home.

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Site Visits

Site visits is an element which play a critical role in the success of an installation.. Often overlooked in the planning of a project, they are important in both mitigating risk and controlling costs for installers, manufacturers and end clients. There are many different inspection models dependent on the type of works being completed, such as structural, architectural or mechanical & electrical. Regardless of which discipline, site visits help ensure that work is progressing as intended. 

We offer site visits to all of our projects as we view them as a key part of the progress and success of a project. Not there to sign off the building, we simply give an independent ‘second pair of eyes’ that ensure that the framing is being installed in accordance with the design. This is important to avoid any long-term building issues.

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